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We worked with Philips Avent to create the app at the center of their uGrow platform. uGrow collects data from a variety of connected devices to provide parents with insights and personalized advice. The mobile app expresses this data through visualizations and adds a variety of manual trackers to the platform.

Philips Avent ugrow

Philips wanted to create a scientific yet emotional experience to guide parents through their babies' development. We started by working closely with the internal team to define their product, balancing the needs of business stakeholders with the desires of users, all within the constraints of a tight development schedule.

Philips Avent uGrow Philips Avent uGrow

One of the most difficult challenges was designing a multi-faceted app that was easily navigable despite complex relationships between qualitative data, quantitative data, and advice content.

Philips Avent ugrow
Philips Avent ugrow

We created a design language that would appropriately show the feeling of baby, while maintaining the professional look of Philips Avent. The UI conveys trust and precision without being overly technical, and employs user uploaded content to add an emotional layer. Feeling that the UI still needed more delight, we created a handful of novel animations to bring more personality to the experience.

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